Reservation procedure

Once the application has been made on the room reservation sheet and availability is confirmed we will request a guarantee deposit of 15% of the total quote.


The steps to follow to book rooms at the Talent House building are as follows:

01) Send the application form to reserve rooms at the Talent House building.

The data contained in this form will be of a binding nature.

Ask your room


02) Confirmation of acceptance of the room reservation application at the Talent House.

With this notification a personalised quote will be sent, adapted to the needs of the applicant.


03) Acceptance of this quote by the organiser.

The organiser must send the quote, stamped and signed, to Talent House, by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by fax (+34 943 44 47 94).


04) Presentation of documentation and payment of guarantee deposit of 15% of the quote.

To guarantee the reservation, the organiser must deliver, in a maximum of 10 days from the receipt of acceptance, the following documentation:

  • Proof of payment of the guarantee deposit of 15% of the quote approved.
  • Invoicing details of the reservation: Tax ID No. + Company Name + Company Address + C/A + Email. 
    If the organiser does not meet the deadline for payment of the deposit, the reservation will be cancelled in accordance with the room reservation cancelation conditions. 
    If you wish to renew your application, you must start the reservation process again.


05) Visit the Talent House building.

The person who receives the acceptance of the reservation will be able to visit, on appointment, the request meetings rooms.


06) Organización del evento en Talent House.

For greater organisation it will be necessary for the organiser of the event to coordinate in advance with the person of reference at Talent House: Arrangement of the room, catering, other resources, etc