Conference room

Conference room (98.36sqm) Time Price (VAT not included)
Full day 960€
Half day 710€


Other audiovisual services available

The Conference Room is equipped with the following additional technical services:

  • Recording of the event on DVD via 3 cameras with position control and zoom.
  • Simultaneous translation with approved booth, booth equipped with 8 channels, digital suitcase with 56 receivers.
  • Videoconference system with multi-point connection capacity (emitter + 3 receivers).
Other audiovisual resources available Price (VAT not included)
Video recording 135€
Simultaneous translation 240€
Videoconference 275€


Videoconference room

Videoconference Room (square meters:10.51 m2) Price (VAT not included)
Full day 250€
Half day 185€
Hour 100€


Work Rooms and Multi-use Room

Duration of rental Work room (square meters: 46,28 m2) Price (VAT not included) Multi-use room (square meters: 50 m2) Price (VAT not included)
Full day 190€ 190€
Half day 140€ 140€
Hour 80€ 80€


Complementary Spaces

Space Price (VAT not included)
Terrace 250€ / hora
Meeting point (coffee area) 185€ / hora


Conditions to cancel the room reservations

If the reservation is cancelled after payment of the advance deposit, the refunds will be made as follows:

Cancelation times (days) as regards the dates the event will be held Amount (%) of the refund (Euros) of the deposit
Cancelation less than 15 days from the date of the event 0€
Cancelation between 16 and 30 days from the date of the event 50 % of the deposit.