The essential requirement in order to be eligible for accommodation and access to the Talent House building is as follows:

To be a researcher and / or highly qualified person who is coming or has just arrived in San Sebastián, to carry out their research work in one of the R & D & I centers and / or agents of Donostia-San Sebastián.

Access to the Talent House building will be granted to those people who, as researchers, have connections with a R&D and innovation Agent in Donostia-San Sebastián, as hired staff or as a visitor.

Application forms for accommodation at the building, as well as the other services offered by the Talent House project, must be ratified by the R&D centre and/or agent of the city in which they will perform their activity, providing information about the work contract to be formalized upon the arrival of the applicant or or, failing that, a certificate accrediting the work they will undertake at the centre.

After this essential requirement, priority will be given to the following, in the order given:

  • Highly qualified researchers (Doctors as minimum level).
  • Local talent that is returning to Donostia to perform their activity. Local talent is considered to be researchers from Gipuzkoa who are carrying out research work abroad and in the rest of Spanish State.
  • Researchers from abroad and the rest of the Spanish State.
  • Researchers with links to any of the R&D Agents in the city, with which FSS has a collaboration agreement.

In addition, all those who reside at the Talent House agree to propose and participate in at least one Knowledge Dissemination activity in collaboration with Fomento de San Sebastián.


Request and Allocation of Accommodation

The places will be awarded according to order of arrival and the rating that the application obtains based on the above-mentioned requirements.

FSS will be responsible for checking the researcher’s links to the R&D Agent in the city. The person interested in the accommodation will be able to request the type required (family, apartment, studio...)

The attribution of apartments will be carried out taking into account the better organisation, distribution and use of the establishment for the greatest number of residents considering the availability of Talent House. The accommodation service can be extended to other highly qualified profiles that are located in the city for shorter periods of time


Conditions of use of the facilities

  • In general, the maximum period of stay at Talent House will be 12 months.
  • In general, the minimum period of stay at Talent House will be 2 weeks.
  • The stay will be formalised via a contract of temporary use.
  • Internal regulations will be drawn up which will have a contractual nature with the resident. The accumulation of non-payments can lead to eviction.