Donostiarras enjoy sport and the city responds effectively to the demands of its residents.

Donostia-San Sebastián offers a wide range of public sporting facilities (football pitches, fronton courts, outdoor courts and sports centres) throughout the city. The sports centres are located in different neighbourhoods.

The San Sebastián Race Course, also known as the Lasarte Race Course, is in the area of Zubieta.

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In Donostia-San Sebastián there are four golfcourses, tennis facilities and various possibilities for horse riding and equestrian sports. The city is also an ideal place forsurfing, and every year surfers flock to La Zurriola beach.

Sports are managed by the different sports federations, and in Donostia-San Sebastián people can do all kinds of land, water, and air sports.


Donostia-San Sebastián is the world capital ofpintxos. Where good food comes naturally, the essence of local good food is the pintxo, a small serving of an exquisite, sophisticated, well-prepared meal that can be sampled at most bars in town. It must be ordered separately from drinks.

Cold “pintxos” are generally displayed on the bar and you can help yourself or ask the waiter. Hot “pintxos” must always be ordered from the waiter, who puts your order through to the kitchen so they can be prepared or heated immediately.

 “Pintxos” are usually accompanied by a glass of red wine (called “txikito”) or a “zurito”, referring to a small glass of beer.


San Sebastián, a modern, contemporary city ideal for walking, offers many bars, pubs and outdoor cafés where you can socialise and have a good time.

They are mainly in the Historic Quarter, around El Boulevard, the area of Reyes Católicos, Gros, Miraconcha and Ondarreta.


Donostia-San Sebastián’s restaurants are considered to be among the best eateries in the world. In fact, this city has a higher concentration of Michelin stars than any other city in the world.

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These are “gastronomic houses” typical of Gipuzkoa. The standard menu includes cod omelette, fried cod with peppers, pork chops, and cheese with quince jelly and walnuts for desert.

Although you will find ‘sidrerías’ in almost every municipality of Gipuzkoa, the cider universe is concentrated in Astigarraga and Hernani, although with a good representation in Usurbil, Urnieta and Donostia.