Validation of foreign Higher Education degrees as equivalent to Spanish University Studies or Degrees.

Higher Education degrees obtained abroad must be validated by the Sub-Directorate General for Degree and Qualification Validation of the Ministry of Education.

Once validated, degrees have the same academic and professional validity as the Spanish degrees they are equivalent to.

Any individual holding a degree can request validation of their foreign degree in Higher Education.

The Sub-Directorate General for Degree and Qualification Validation of the Ministry of Education validates:

  • Degrees equivalent to one of the official university degrees available in the Spanish education system and included in the Catalogue of Official University Degrees that are offered in it least one university in Spain.
  • Degrees equivalent to Spanish diplomaturas or licenciaturas.

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Post-graduate academic degrees (Master’s Degree, PhD) are validated by Vice-Chancellors of Spanish universities.

Validation of Foreign Degrees in Health Sciences

The Ministry of Health and Social Policy has recently published the Royal Decree 459/2010, of 16 April, regulating the professional validation of foreign degrees in Health Sciences obtained in non-EU countries.

The Ministry validates the foreign specialist degrees obtained in non-EU countries and the professional competencies of those individuals who hold degrees of Specialist in Health Sciences granted by Spanish universities.

In accordance with RD 459/2010, the holders of foreign degrees in Health Sciences shall have the same rights and obligations as the holders of equivalent degrees granted in Spain. Likewise, holding such a degree shall be a requirement to practise in Spain.

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Partial Validation of University Studies

To continue University Studies in Spain, students must have their foreign higher-level studies validated by the Spanish university they want to attend.

The official validation of higher-level studies done abroad (either complete or incomplete, with or without a degree) shall comply with the criteria set forth by the Coordination Council of the Spanish university chosen by the student.

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Academic Agreements with Germany, Italy, France, and China

The validation of foreign studies and degrees from Germany, Italy, France, and China for academic purposes, which is complementary to validation (academic and professional) and recognition (professional) systems, is regulated by special bilateral agreements with these four countries.

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University Degrees

Degrees that can be validated must fall within the following areas:

  • Humanities
  • Experimental and Health Sciences
  • Social and Legal Sciences
  • Technical Training

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Request Forms

The request forms can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Education:

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